Joanna from Home spa London writes:

I first started seeing Katie a few years ago when in 2010 she was working as a press photographer, pounding the streets of London, carrying heavy camera equipment on a daily basis. With the hours she worked she decided to go about finding a mobile massage therapist to come to her home and this is when she found the Home Spa London website. 

From that first visit she re-booked realising how beneficial a regular massage to ease out all the aches and pains of modern day living could be. I then visited Katie every month for a few years and then the exciting news....she was expecting her first child, a baby girl!!

"I had been booking Jo from Home Spa London for massage on a regular basis when I became pregnant with my daughter Alice. Regular pregnancy massage was a lifesaver. You become more prone to muscle strain when expecting a baby and I found massage also helped ease my anxiety of becoming a first time mum and help with relaxation."

The pregnancy massage is done in a side lying position on the couch with pillows used for support between the knees. We cover back, legs and arms paying particular attention to any areas of the body that need extra attention which could be lower legs and feet, lower back and hips. The massage then finishes with a lovely relaxing face neck and head massage.

When Alice was born Katie looked to Home Spa London for a baby massage course with some of her mummy friends.

"Myself and Alice took part in a course with several other mums and babies and it was an incredible bonding experience. As well as providing precious mother and daughter time together, I was able to share the massage tips I had learnt in the class with my husband who was able to try baby massage with Alice at home. Alice really responded to these classes and now I am pregnant with my second child, I definitely plan to sign up again as I found it to be a really rewarding experience. I still sometimes do mini leg and arm massages on the baby change table with Alice, and Tommy Thumb (one of the songs we sang in class) still calms her down if she is upset."

I was so happy to hear that Katie was expecting her second child. We are back doing the pregnancy massage which she tends to book around 7 or 8pm in the evening so her husband is in charge of putting Alice to bed and Katie can concentrate on having some "me" time. I find that there are always different symptoms that we work on from month to month, year to year depending on so many factors and that is why I love my job so much, its never the same and I get to meet some fantastic people to share their journey.

"For me, massage is an important part of my routine now and I feel it supports my overall health and wellbeing. I'm delighted to have found Home Spa London and been able to make the most of the services Jo and her team offer."

Since writing this blog, Katie has had her second child Lara and we organised a re-cap of the baby massage techniques. It is a delight to be working with a family through their family journey.

Katie Collins photography: