I love teaching baby massage classes, they are fun and interactive and it is beautiful to see parents and babies bonding in such a loving way. The first sense to develop in the womb is touch at only 8 weeks gestation, so it is very profound to continue this loving touch with baby massage.

Here are just some of the reasons you should massage your baby;

Interaction- baby massage establishes a strong bond between yourself and your little one. It is a lovely to spend some quality time together and helps promote a positive touch. Turn off the TV, put away the phone and just relax and enjoy these special moments together.

Relaxation – your baby should find the massage very relaxing and this is a time when you can really focus on each other. It has a lovely calming effect and an increase in serotonin helps with the “feel good” hormone and this in turn creates less hyperactivity. The calming benefits of the massage should also help regulate sleep patterns as it has a lovely soothing effect.

Stimulation –Whilst you are going through the massage routine your baby is using their sight, sound and touch and learning the whole time! The massage stimulates all the different systems of your infants body for example; digestive, circulatory, immune and respiratory and helps quicken muscle growth.

Relief – The massage can help with any discomfort your baby maybe suffering from. This could be sensitivity to touch when they are very small or digestive and colic pain. We learn a special colic routine and tummy massage during the class, which you can use to help relieve any tummy pain they could be suffering from.

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